Our videos are attractively priced.  


All videos display beautifully

on all devices -

Computers, notebooks, tablets

iPhones, Ipads, Androids.


Wedding videos   -  their style and length can vary quite a bit, depending on the desires of the bride and groom.


Your wedding video could be anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours.  Possibilities are 


. Pre-wedding - people and place

. Wedding ceremony

. Reception

.Bride and Groom Getaway



It IS your wedding, after all, and your choice of how your lives' great event should be kept for your memories.


You may wish to have both a short version of the wedding video, and the longer, full version.

Because of this wide range of style and length, it is very important that Videos of Life discusses directly with the couple their desires, and then shares with them the written plan, along with either a fixed cost or estimated cost.





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We do understand that you probably have a friend or relative who has volunteered to create a video of your wedding.


But, please remember that this is YOUR wedding, that there is only one opportunity for the videos and photos to be captured, then edited and produced professionally, and that you don't plan to come this way again.


Use a professional.


The end result is worth it, for such a major life event.

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