Johnette & Paul



Videos Of Life


Recommended Length of Videos



Marketing Videos


Marketing Videos should be relatively short, quick to make an impact.

A Facebook  or Google Ad video should not exceed 60 seconds.

30 seconds to 60 seconds is preferred length. 


You will likely lose your viewers after 45 seconds.  



Wedding Videos


Wedding Videos could last from 10 minutes to 90 minutes,

depending on many options the wedding couple has.


The wedding couple normally prefers the entire length.

Family may watch for about  15 minutes.

Friends will stop viewing after 5 minutes.

So, we recommend two wedding video versions :

"Long" - On DVD, for bridal couple

"Short" -  on YouTube and DVD, for family/friends




Family and Fun Videos


3 minutes to 15 minutes. 



Tribute Videos, or 

Celebrations of Life Videos


These videos are to remember the life of someone who

has recently died.  They could be displayed as part of a

Funeral Service, at the beginning when people are gathering

into the services.  Or as a completely separate event.


There really is no suggested length.   The normal problem 

is to have enough digitized photos to prepare a sufficient length. 


Conversation is typically a bit awkard in these events.  

The Tribute video allows people to watch and make

positive, warm comments.


Birthday Videos

Birthday Videos should be lively, fun, and not drawn  out.  

If the person is very old, then possibly

they would be like Tribute videos.   Otherwise, they are best when 10 minutes or less.



But, all suggested lengths are arbitrary, based on some 

observations.   Make the lengths what you prefer.