City Council Members -


Please instruct the Parks & Rec Department, clearly, forcefully

That your $2.46 million approval for Parks & Rec in 2019 requires two things

1.  Centennial Park will be re-designed to include at least 6 Pickleball courts (area will be less than 2 tennis courts in size), and with sideline seating. 

    Completion will not be for two or more years, but this will be putting Billings on a better path for itself and its citizens.

2. At least $20,000 in 2019 will  be allocated to improved Pickleball facilities in existing parks.

Billings Residents -


Please email your City Council members in strong support of the above.

Come to the City Council meeting of 6/25 to support this effort. 


6:30 pm. 220 N. 27th Street, 2nd Floor