Fuller Family Medicine Christmas Lights Video Results

  • 10,132 Billings people, ages 21+, were "reached" on Facebook, to possibly view the video..

  • 5,706 actually stopped on Facebook to view the video of your Sound and Light Christmas show.  The lights and music were really great.

  • My wife and I went twice to personally enjoy your lights and music. And to capture a video.

  • I created a Facebook ad to promote the video I produced.  That ad cost on Facebook was only $10.  It ran for two days on Facebook.   But 5,706 people viewed it.  For only $10 ad cost.

  • That was a great Billings civic activity you did - to set up the lights display for others to enjoy.

  • The very successful Facebook promotion did show that the Billings community has a very active Facebook base.   These FB users will stop and focus their attention on items important to them.  And will spread the word by "Sharing" their positive feelings with other FB users.