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Clark Johnson
Videos of Life


Billings, Montana


Tel: 406-962-6802

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Our videos are attractively priced.  


Videos of Life creates videos for small businesses, for video marketing.  And also creates videos for personal enjoyment.


The videos display beautifully

on all devices -

Computers, notebooks, iPhones, Ipads, Androids.



Video lengths vary from

30 seconds to 90 minutes.



Longer video versions are for yourself and close family/friends - for video memories of a lifetime.


The shorter versions are for a wider group of friends and contacts - for fun announcements / invitations / Internet marketing. 


Please see menu item - Length - for more info on video lengths. 


Videos of Life creates videos from media that we capture by attending your event.   We also create videos from photos or video clips that you already have.  And possibly combine the two.  Please see Sources for more info.


The amount of existing photos could range from 10 to 100+,  again depending on the intent and the group of people to whom the video is shared.


If your photos are old, in albums, cigar boxes, or dresser drawers, we will help to get them in digital format for the videos.


If you already have digital photos and video clips taken, it is a simple process to transfer them online to Videos of Life.


If you need photos and video clips taken by Videos of LIfe, we would be very pleased do that in the Montana area.   For other areas, we will subcontract with a local photographer.


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