Digitize "Old" Photos


Now in Scrapbooks, Drawers

Frames, Shoe Boxes

All of your photos from the last few years are already digitized. 


Digital cameras, iPhones, Androids, Samsungs, iPads have taken the place of the older analog cameras.   You likely still have (somewhere) the photo digital files for all of those taken in recent years.  


But they may not be organized well, scattered across several computer folders, iPhones, and tablets.   You may not be able to find the photos you want when you want them.  Remember that great one at Rushmore last year ?   Where is it ?



Recommendation #1 -- Get a free Google Photos account.


It is very easy to set up a free Google Photos account so that all of your digital photos automatically are uploaded to your private photo storage account.    Your digital photos are then safe.   It is also then very easy to view those photos and share one or many of those photos with others.   All of your many scattered photo storage areas can be backed up to one Google Photos account, for both past and future photos.   Then find the photos you want by name, face, date, location, album, or description.


You'll love it.   The Google Photos app can be installed on your computer and also on all of your other devices.  It's the best photo/video viewing app available.    And FREE !







But you also may have many older paper photos in various places.   Those photos are in risk of being lost or faded, and are very difficult to organize and share.


Recommendation #2 -- Digitize them before it's too late.  


Videos of Life can help, no matter where you are located.   Let's digitize those old photos, newspaper clippings, yearbooks -- now. 



Videos of Life can then directly take those digitized photos, convert them to a video slideshow, possibly with music.   The video product can then be published on YouTube (privately if desired), for direct viewing on many of your devices, including TVs, computers, iPads, other tablets, your SmartPhone. 


The video product can also be optionally placed on a DVD for viewing in your DVD player.




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